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Property and structural features
     CKG, CKM series numerical control machine tools is development by our company which integrates machine, electricity and liquid. It owns high revolution, high precision, high strength, high efficient and low noise and other features. It is convenient to operate, regulate and maintain. The appearance is pretty which can quickly finish various high precision and complex parts processing. It has Turning the cylindrical surface, cylindrical cylindrical, conical, circular surface, bore, cut cylindrical tank, spherical, and processing all kinds of Metric system, British system features such as cylindrical and taper thread. Control system uses a wide number of Kane God, etc.; driven by AC servo motor.

X, Z To the servo motor and precision ball screw directly through the coupling joint, but also effectively improves the machining accuracy.
Ball "in the home", to improve the feed when the force conditions.
The main electronic motor adopts high speed frequency conversion motor, Through the inverter, ribbed belt drive, to achieve variable speed spindle.
The main axle adopts P4 grade and the maximum speed can be 6000r/min, which can permit high lightening degree.
Front box, bed, multi-layer wall structure of the base design, superior shock resistance.
The bed is the overall protection and reduces rail wear, increased rail life.
Made of hardened rail grinding, which can effectively control the thermal deformation of the machine to obtain high stability and positioning accuracy. Guide face laminating, damping and reduce wear on the rail bed.
Multi-frame extension units can be installed horizontal row of knives, to meet the needs of users to install multiple knife. Use the four-turret and the turret tool change time of slow rotation of the size of the error here to be overcome.
Set using collets, so very convenient and fast clamping the workpiece to further improve the production efficiency.

Primary allocation
1, Wide number of GSK980TD CNC, AC servo drive motor;
2, Pneumatic rotary cylinder (twin)
3, P4 and P4-class-level special ball screw spindle bearings
5, Turret
6, Automatic oil pump system
7, Frequency conversion motor
Optional allocation
1, Wide number of GSK980TD, Kane, NC Imperial KNDK1000T system
2, Hydraulic rotary cylinder
3, Hydraulic chuck
4, Hydraulic Station
5, Four / eight-station electric knife
6, Spindle positioning, power head
7, Spindle jog positive, reverse, and blowing function
8, External cooling tank (10 m head, flow 100L/min)
9, Three-color light
CKG series product is developed by the company as the closed loop...[Detail]
CKM series product is developed by our company as the precision...[Detail]
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