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CKM20/35--Precision Economical CNC LatheCKM20/35--Precision Economical CNC Lathe

CKM series product is developed by our company as the precision economical CNC lathe with high value.
This series product can match positive spindle jog, reverse, and blowing function; spindle positioning, additional power head, and product end face drilling and milling, radial drilling, axial milling process; also can be equipped with high lift and large flow of external cooling box.

Main technical parameter
Parameter name Unit CKG20 CKG35
Maximum rotary diameter mm 270 270
Maximum processing length mm 240 240
Maximum workpiece swing diameter drag plate mm 100 100
Spindle bore mm 27 42
Maximum length of the diameter of the bar mm 20 35
Spindle speed range r/min 150-5000 150-4000
X/Z axle maximum range mm 260/240 260/240
X/Z axle fast mobile speed m/min 8/10 8/10
X/ZFeed speed range mm/min 1-2000/1-2000 1-2000/1-2000
Spindle type mm A2-3 A2-5
Thread processing range Metric system mm 4 4
British system teeth 6 6
Frequency of main motor Power Kw 3 3
Feed motor N.m 4 4
X/Z axle minimum mobile units mm 0.0005/0.001 0.0005/0.001
Turret Type   Straight knife Straight knife
Arbor section size mm 16*16 16*16
Cooling pump L/min 25 25
X/Z axle positioning accuracy mm 0.02/0.02 0.02/0.02
X/Z axle Repeatability mm 0.006/0.007 0.006/0.007
Precision cutting machine-roundness mm 0.003 0.003
Surface harshness um 0.5 0.5
Collet shank mm F32 F48
Bleed pressure Kg/cm2 6 6
Air capability L/min 10 10
Net weight Kg 1100 1150
Appearance size mm 1470*1230*1520 1470*1230*1520
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